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How Millennials are changing the housing and real estate market

MillennialsMore and more Millennials are looking to purchase a home, and Millennials now represent 32 percent of homebuyers, which is the largest portion of homebuyers in the market. According to Austin Hale, a Millennial product manager for a real estate investment software company “Millennials present an entirely new dynamic in the real estate market. They’re much more likely to rent, to congregate in urban areas, and to be cautious when taking on debt.”

The purchasing habits and lifestyle changes of Millennials are altering the real estate market. The following are ways that Millennials are altering the way that the housing and real estate market operate.

Millennials have a preference for

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Atlanta’s real estate hot spots 2017

Atlanta Real Estate MarketThe residents of Cobb County have become increasingly worried about the prospect of higher property taxes. One of the main reasons for this may be the new SunTrust Park as more and more people become interested in owning a house in this area of town.

RE/MAX Georgia has indicated that Metro Atlanta’s real estate market continues to expand and grow rapidly as the home sales and price gains have failed to slow down and continue to show no signs of abating. RE/MAX has recently surveyed its brokers and analyzed a combination of data which has been provided by the local Metro Atlanta First Multiple Listing Service to determine which cities are in most demand. In this study, they found the following cities to be the

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A new study shows Atlanta homeowners are willing to pay a premium for their dream home

homebuyers in AtlantaMore and more individuals and Atlanta residents are looking to purchase a home during the Spring season. Spring seems to be the ideal time to buy a home and settle into a new routine. However, as homebuyers are gearing up for a busy Spring home buying season, approximately 70 percent of Atlanta residents are expecting the home purchasing process to be challenging. This difficulty according to the Georgia Multiple Listing Service is because of Atlanta’s shortage of homes for sale which was the most severe in the country as of May 2016. This report is good news for sellers.

The shortage of housing inventory is so drastic it has been labeled as historic. This has

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How much have home values changed in East Cobb?

Home values have seen significant changes since 2004. From 2004, home values rose significantly, only to fall during the collapse of 2007. It is safe to say the value of homes has been on a roller-East Cobb Homesstyle="font-size: 12px;">coaster since then. However, some areas have been affected more than others, and house price recovery is not consistent across counties. Many homebuyers and homeowners are not aware of how their home value has changed and if their area has been affected. Do you know if your area was affected or if it has recovered?

This is the question The Washington Post was on a mission to answer. They set out to study the country as a whole and individual neighborhoods and towns. In total, The

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Incentives are being offered to open the I85 swiftly

I-85 Bridge CollapseAn important section of Interstate 85 has collapsed after a major fire. This intersection, in particular, is a major north-south auxiliary for the Southeast of Georgia. Therefore, its collapse has caused a serious transportation crisis. The collapse of I85 has caused all five lanes of the highway in each direction to be closed until further notice. This has led to an estimated 250,000 vehicles having to find new routes for their daily commute. The Mayor is looking to resolve this issue as soon as possible because it is causing the state and its resident’s major inconvenience.

Consequently, the Georgia Department of Transportation Commissioner: Russell McMurry, has announced that the state is

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Atlanta takes a hard look at improving transportation

Atlanta TrafficAs the population in Atlanta continues to grow, residents have become more and more restless when it comes to their preferred form of transportation. This has been a constant concern for Atlanta residents as the streets in the early 2000s were crumbling at one point.

In response to this concern, the Mayor at the time, Shirley Franklin, proposed her “Pothole Posse.” This policy addressed neglected pothole areas. Residents were able to call and direct officials to where street damage needed repair. By fixing the potholes, transportation became a little bit easier for Atlanta commuters. The program has become such a success that Shirley is considered a hero among Atlanta residents.

As of today,

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Real estate Georgia laws to consider before buying a home

Purchasing a home is a big step regardless of the city or state in which you choose to reside. However, before calling a real estate agent and seeking to purchase a home in your desired area, you may want to look into the local real estate laws. Many potential homeowners aren’t aware of the fact that there are a significant number of laws per city that should be considered before purchasing a property.

The state of Georgia has multiple real estate laws. These laws can make purchasing a home safer for the homebuyer as well as for home renters. Consider the following legislation in Georgia before buying a home.

Homestead Laws

The homestead law allows home and other property owners to

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Alpharetta's makeover continues with Avalon's second phase

Alpharetta Real Estate|Homes for sale in AlpharettaAbout two and a half years ago, Alpharetta decided to get a makeover and add a walkable development with shopping areas, restaurants, and much more, to its diverse suburb community. This project was named Avalon and was built with hopes to expand Alpharetta’s appeal to tourists and regular city visitors.

Avalon Phase 1 did not disappoint; it has become so successful that it now holds 106,000 square feet of office space which are 100 percent leased to restaurants, retail stores, offices, and more. These office spaces have become so popular they are being rented for twenty percent more than the average submarket rates. Included in the 106,000 square feet are 88,000 now designated as retail

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Tiny houses may be coming to Atlanta

Atlanta Tiny housesIn recent years, we have all become aware of the new trend in housing that has taken over across the United States. Under-sized homes have become a huge trend, and more and more people are interested in purchasing one. However, not all states have taken a liking to this trend and Atlanta is one of them.

Atlanta currently has laws that do not allow tiny homes to be built in the city. However, Atlanta Councilman, Kwanza Hall, who is running for mayor, has another idea in mind. He introduced legalization for tiny homes, which he hopes will place hundreds, if not more, tiny homes in the city. Councilman Hall has stated that creating tiny homes is all about diversifying housing choices offered to Atlanta residents or

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Marietta resident challenges proposed senior living development

Marietta residents and developers are having a problem seeing eye to eye when it comes to a proposal of building 55 new homes on 14.52 acres of land. These homes are to be located between Powders Springs Street and Chestnut Hill Road in Marietta.

Another party having a conflict with the developers are members of the city’s zoning commission. In fact, the commissioners were split right down the middle: three agreed to the new proposal, and three disagreed on whether it would be a good idea to recommend approval by the city council.

During the commissioners’ meeting, Attorney Kevin Moore spoke on behalf of the developer, David Weekley Homes. He classified the neighborhood as being a

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