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Cobb County Homes for Sale, Cobb County HomesIf you are looking to buy a home ‘somewhere’ in Cobb County, then you know there is a lot of potential ground you can cover. With so many different areas in the greater Cobb County region and so many different potential homes to consider, it can be hard to stay up to date with everything going on in the market. However, if you are the tech-savvy type and always have your phone with you while you’re on the go, here are a few of the top real estate apps that may be able to help you stay updated with changes in the market and new Cobb County homes for sale as soon as they are listed. If you want to get a great Cobb County homes for a great price, you will need to be ahead of the curve and these innovative apps can help you do just that. - New

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Acworth real estate,acworth homes for saleIf you have a piece of Acworth real estate on your hands that you need to get rid of quickly and are finding that getting this suburban home off your hands is more challenging then you assumed, there is no need to panic. There are a number of reasons why people need to sell their homes quickly whether its due to financial issues, employment or emigration issues or anything in between, when you need to act fast there are a few things you can do to expedite the process.

First you always want to make sure that you are working with a full time experienced Realtor. If the reason you need to sell your piece of Acworth real estate is because of financial issues and you are worried about realtor commissions, you still don’t want to skip out on using a realtor.

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Canton GA Real Estate,Canton GA Homes For SaleIn today’s market, many people both in the Canton area and in all different areas of the greater Atlanta area, are doing whatever they can to save money when it comes to their real estate decisions. One of the many ways that people are trying to do this is by going through the ‘For Sale by Owner’ route. If you are looking to buy a Canton home for sale and it is being listed by the owner, you may have a few questions about the process and how it differs from a traditional sale. There are a few basic things that you will want to keep in mind when navigating this process.

First, you will want to make sure that you are pre-approved before you start looking. While this is generally a good rule of thumb when buying any home, it is especially important with

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We recently caught up with Atlantians to find out their point of view on the current state of the Atlanta GA Real Estate market. Check out the video below to learn why many are upbeat about Atlanta's chances.


Often retail and residential real estate go hand-in-hand when it comes to discovering trends in where a market is headed. Listen to the clip below for insights on how retail is starting to gain momentum in the Atlanta GA real estate market, and what that means for home buyers and sellers like you.

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Kennesaw Real Estate, Kennesaw Homes for SaleRecently there have been a lot of people in the greater Atlanta area, particularly in communities like Kennesaw who have been considering the ‘lease purchase’ option when trying to sell their home. The Atlanta rental market is booming lately especially in areas like Kennesaw where there are many student adults from schools like Life University, Kennesaw State University and Southern Polytech nearby. While it is true that the ‘lease purchase’ option is quite popular in the Atlanta area, there are a few things you should consider first.

A lease purchase, or rent-to-own, option is simply a written contract that allows you to purchase a piece of real estate over an extended period of time. The contract can range in length but typically isn’t more than 36

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Cherokee County Homes for Sale, Cherokee County Real EstateIf you have found a beautiful Cherokee County home for sale that you believe could be your next home, then one of the first things you will want to do is to make sure you get a proper inspection. The inspection process can seem daunting and rather complex, but it is important if you are looking to make sure you make a good investment. You of course will want to call in a professional home inspection expert when you are thinking of buying this Cherokee County property, but you should also do your own ‘pre-inspection’ of any home for sale that you are considering.

As you walk through the home make sure you pay attention to the details. Check the entire house, look inside all of the cabinets and closets and if you are able to check in the crawl space. The

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Marietta Real Estate, Marietta Homes for SaleThe area of Marietta has been growing in leaps and bounds lately, and there have been a number of new housing developments being built all over the greater Marietta area from right along Cobb Parkway to down by the square. From town home communities to single family home developments there are all types of opportunities available to buy new pieces of real estate in Marietta. This brings up a very common question that often arises when buyers look to buy new real estate; “do you need a realtor when buying new?”

When buying a new home you do have the opportunity to speak with the builder or the builder’s agent in order to close the deal. Many people think by closing in this manner they can save on realtor commission rates. However, the truth of the matter

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Atlanta Real Estate: Rebounding After the Free Fall
by Melissa Anne Wuske

After the depths of recession of the bursting of the proverbial housing bubble, where does the market for Atlanta homes stand? While consumers are eyeing the Atlanta real estate market with a mix of caution and confusion, professionals across the industry look at the challenges with a decided tinge of optimism.

“The Atlanta real estate market is in a state of flux,” says Ted Anglyn, President of Anglyn Property Advisors in Roswell, GA.

On the residential side, there good news about Atlanta homes. “All signs are that the residential real estate market has stabilized in Metro Atlanta,” says Vicky Thompson, CEO/President of Valuation Management Group. “The inventory of homes for

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Cobb County Real Estate, Cobb County Short Sales, Cobb County Homes for SaleIf you have been trying to navigate the current Cobb County real estate market and are considering investing in either a foreclosure or a short sale, then you may run into some confusion while attempting to secure this type of deal. The first thing to keep in mind if you are turning to a short sale is they are typically more confusing than investing in a foreclosure. There are often more issues, and they usually take a longer time to close on.

However, this doesn’t mean that completing this transaction is not possible or that you should give up on a short sale, because it can be an excellent way to strike a truly fantastic deal. There are lots of great short sales in the Cobb County real estate market and a lot of fantastic opportunities to get homes at

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