December 2012

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Woodstock GA Homes For Sale, Woodstock Real EstateThere are many prospective buyers who have made the decision to turn to the internet in order to find their new home. There are a number of different Woodstock GA homes for sale in the area, so using the web to start narrowing your options is always a smart choice. Among the different real estate sites available right now, there are very few that are as popular as Zillow. Many are turning to this site not only to see their different Woodstock real estate options but to use the website’s Zillow Zestimate tool.

With this Zestimate tool you are able to get an idea of the estimated “value” of a home you are looking at. However, many are starting to see that the price of the Woodstock homes for sale they are browsing and this Zillow Zestimate are extremely

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Marietta Homes for Sale,Marietta Real Estate,GAThere are many people in today’s market that are looking to invest in new properties around the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. With the record breaking low interest rates along with the drastically reduced prices of homes in the area, many first time buyers are being lured into considering investing in their first piece of real estate. When it comes to first time home buying, one of the greatest areas in the greater Atlanta area, is Marietta. This is because Marietta offers convenience, great location and affordable pricing.

However, there are still many who find themselves wondering if they will qualify for a home loan to buy the Marietta homes for sale that they see advertised on the market. While every case, is different, here are a few things

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Acworth Homes for Sale, Acworth Real EstateIf you have been eyeing an Acworth homes for sale and are wondering if you can find out if this home or if a few different homes would be approved for FHA financing, then there are a few things that you need to know first. Primarily, you need to have a basic understanding of the FHA appraisal process. Before you can find out if an Acworth home for sale or any home for that matter qualifies for FHA financing, it needs to have a professional FHA appraisal done on it.

The FHA appraisal process is much different than the conventional loan appraisal so you will need to be prepared for a slightly different approach when you get this approval done for a property. These appraisers will look beyond what the average appraiser does to above, all things, make sure

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marietta homes for sale, marietta real estateMany people have seen the charming bungalow style homes all around the city of Atlanta, and especially in areas such as Marietta. These small homes are extremely charming and have helped to make the Atlanta GA real estate market one of the most unique markets in the country today. However, for the many people looking at the historic Marietta homes for sale, especially in areas such as those around the Marietta Square, you need to look at more than just whether that older home has a renovated kitchen. With older homes in this area, specifically homes built before 1978, it is important that you have an idea of lead based paint issues.

There was a new law that went into effect in 2010 that stated contractors who renovate homes that were built before 1978

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