Atlanta Home Developers are Seeking to Demolish Apartment Complex to Build Townhouses

Posted by Louise Scoggins on Wednesday, November 8th, 2017 at 8:41am.

Atlanta has recently gone through a major construction boom, and there is no sign of it stopping anytime soon. According to the Reporter Newspaper, an Atlanta developer is currently seeking approval to tear down an existing apartment complex to build 73 new townhouses.

The Atlanta-based developer: Ardent Companies, is planning to obtain a variance for the location at 2069 Coosawattee Drive which is a 6-acre Park Villa Apartment property. At this time, documents have already been filed with the city of Brookhaven. According to the documents, the site the developers want to demolish includes the Park Villa resident facility, which currently consists of 12 three-story structures featuring 92 leased homes.

On April 3rd the developer sent over his letter of request and intent to the city that states “the resident facility is currently being used, but it is 54-years old which makes it very outdated. During their appeal, the contractor also stated that the current designated multiple family complex is not being used to its full potential, since it has space for 114 residences.

In the request, the developer has specific intent to restore the property which would feature 73-owned townhouses. This would be 41 fewer units than is currently allowed in the area. The idea is to minimize the amount of townhouses available, but maximize their square footage so that the new owners will be getting a big bang for their buck. This would bring trendy aspects to the complex to attract new buyers into the area.

The new townhouse development would be made up of three buildings which would each have double car garages.These units will be between 2,200 - 2,800 square feet. The development would also come with a community pool for residents to enjoy.

The developers also seek to reduce the transitional buffer that currently exists. This transitional buffer is 50 feet; the developers want to narrow it down to as little feet as possible in order to eliminate the asphalt. They also seek to diminish the separation that currently exists between each building. They are looking at reducing the separation from 40 to 28 feet in hopes of making the town-homes as close as possible.

This is not a bad business idea for the developers since it can be profitable in the long run. However, many of the residents that already reside in the rental complex are questioning what will happen to them if the Atlanta home developers are granted the ability to demolish their homes.

This project is still in the request stages and has yet to be agreed on. However, a hearing for the application was set for May 17th, so there should be answers to the resident’s burning questions.

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