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Georgia State University DormsSince the summer of 2016, there has been a buzz around the Downtown area, that Georgia State University was taking over some space. The area would be inhabited by private student housing. These upscale dorms would provide a second option for students who wish to live near campus, but prefer their privacy or wish to have more amenities than standard campus dorms have to offer.

It was recounted by BisNow that a former Downtown Atlanta clinic will be transformed into student housing. This report showed that Downtown Atlanta would soon have its very own upscale dorm facility for Georgia State students. In 2016 not only did the buzz about Georgia State University taking over the area begin, but the developer tried to get permits that will allow them to

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Atlanta has recently gone through a major construction boom, and there is no sign of it stopping anytime soon. According to the Reporter Newspaper, an Atlanta developer is currently seeking approval to tear down an existing apartment complex to build 73 new townhouses.

The Atlanta-based developer: Ardent Companies, is planning to obtain a variance for the location at 2069 Coosawattee Drive which is a 6-acre Park Villa Apartment property. At this time, documents have already been filed with the city of Brookhaven. According to the documents, the site the developers want to demolish includes the Park Villa resident facility, which currently consists of 12 three-story structures featuring 92 leased homes.

On April 3rd the developer sent over his letter

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A new study shows Atlanta homeowners are willing to pay a premium for their dream home

homebuyers in AtlantaMore and more individuals and Atlanta residents are looking to purchase a home during the Spring season. Spring seems to be the ideal time to buy a home and settle into a new routine. However, as homebuyers are gearing up for a busy Spring home buying season, approximately 70 percent of Atlanta residents are expecting the home purchasing process to be challenging. This difficulty according to the Georgia Multiple Listing Service is because of Atlanta’s shortage of homes for sale which was the most severe in the country as of May 2016. This report is good news for sellers.

The shortage of housing inventory is so drastic it has been labeled as historic. This has

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Incentives are being offered to open the I85 swiftly

I-85 Bridge CollapseAn important section of Interstate 85 has collapsed after a major fire. This intersection, in particular, is a major north-south auxiliary for the Southeast of Georgia. Therefore, its collapse has caused a serious transportation crisis. The collapse of I85 has caused all five lanes of the highway in each direction to be closed until further notice. This has led to an estimated 250,000 vehicles having to find new routes for their daily commute. The Mayor is looking to resolve this issue as soon as possible because it is causing the state and its resident’s major inconvenience.

Consequently, the Georgia Department of Transportation Commissioner: Russell McMurry, has announced that the state is

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Atlanta takes a hard look at improving transportation

Atlanta TrafficAs the population in Atlanta continues to grow, residents have become more and more restless when it comes to their preferred form of transportation. This has been a constant concern for Atlanta residents as the streets in the early 2000s were crumbling at one point.

In response to this concern, the Mayor at the time, Shirley Franklin, proposed her “Pothole Posse.” This policy addressed neglected pothole areas. Residents were able to call and direct officials to where street damage needed repair. By fixing the potholes, transportation became a little bit easier for Atlanta commuters. The program has become such a success that Shirley is considered a hero among Atlanta residents.

As of today,

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Tiny houses may be coming to Atlanta

Atlanta Tiny housesIn recent years, we have all become aware of the new trend in housing that has taken over across the United States. Under-sized homes have become a huge trend, and more and more people are interested in purchasing one. However, not all states have taken a liking to this trend and Atlanta is one of them.

Atlanta currently has laws that do not allow tiny homes to be built in the city. However, Atlanta Councilman, Kwanza Hall, who is running for mayor, has another idea in mind. He introduced legalization for tiny homes, which he hopes will place hundreds, if not more, tiny homes in the city. Councilman Hall has stated that creating tiny homes is all about diversifying housing choices offered to Atlanta residents or

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Atlanta versus the Suburbs-where is it cheaper to live?

Finding a home is an exciting and enjoyable time for many families, especially when you are considering where to move. However, once you start factoring in your family’s living costs, you may become Atlanta Suburbsa little less excited. Let’s face it, moving is expensive regardless of where you decide to go.

Many homeowners ask themselves before moving or purchasing a home, “Where is it cheaper to live, the city or the suburbs?” Different individuals will give you different answers; many people will tell you that the urban center is a lot cheaper while others will opt for the suburbs. We have done enough diligent research, and no doubt have found the correct answer to this question.

There are multiple

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We recently caught up with Atlantians to find out their point of view on the current state of the Atlanta GA Real Estate market. Check out the video below to learn why many are upbeat about Atlanta's chances.


Often retail and residential real estate go hand-in-hand when it comes to discovering trends in where a market is headed. Listen to the clip below for insights on how retail is starting to gain momentum in the Atlanta GA real estate market, and what that means for home buyers and sellers like you.

Click here to listen:


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Atlanta Real Estate: Rebounding After the Free Fall
by Melissa Anne Wuske

After the depths of recession of the bursting of the proverbial housing bubble, where does the market for Atlanta homes stand? While consumers are eyeing the Atlanta real estate market with a mix of caution and confusion, professionals across the industry look at the challenges with a decided tinge of optimism.

“The Atlanta real estate market is in a state of flux,” says Ted Anglyn, President of Anglyn Property Advisors in Roswell, GA.

On the residential side, there good news about Atlanta homes. “All signs are that the residential real estate market has stabilized in Metro Atlanta,” says Vicky Thompson, CEO/President of Valuation Management Group. “The inventory of homes for

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The Atlanta Real Estate Market Today – June 2012

Atlanta Real Estate,atlanta homesThe past several years in Atlanta Real Estate have been turbulent to say to say the least. We have experienced an influx of foreclosures and short sales, homes being on the market for extended periods of time, and homes selling for drastically less than asking price. Well, all that has changed. Er, most of that has changed. We still have an abundance of short sales and foreclosures – and will for the foreseeable future – but homes sitting on the market and selling for way less than asking price? Not so much!

It has been a long time since I was faced with multiple-offer situations on properties. Now I experience them weekly. More than 50% of the contracts I write are going into multiple offer situations,

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