Construction in Downtown Atlanta for Upscale Dorm Will Begin this Year

Posted by Louise Scoggins on Friday, November 17th, 2017 at 10:25am.

Georgia State University DormsSince the summer of 2016, there has been a buzz around the Downtown area, that Georgia State University was taking over some space. The area would be inhabited by private student housing. These upscale dorms would provide a second option for students who wish to live near campus, but prefer their privacy or wish to have more amenities than standard campus dorms have to offer.

It was recounted by BisNow that a former Downtown Atlanta clinic will be transformed into student housing. This report showed that Downtown Atlanta would soon have its very own upscale dorm facility for Georgia State students. In 2016 not only did the buzz about Georgia State University taking over the area begin, but the developer tried to get permits that will allow them to start working on Piedmont Avenue, between John Wesley Dobbs Avenue and Ellis Street, which is a block west of The Connector. 

Although the developer did move forward, the production of the project did not start right away. Instead, it has taken over a year for all paperwork, negotiation and ideas to be settled. This negotiation, has kept the project under wraps as to what exactly is happening with the dorm construction. 

Essentially, the sale of the land for 15 million dollars is the most recent news that has been reported on the project. As stated by the Atlanta Business Chronicle, the construction of the building could begin as early as this November; it will start with the South City’s 26-story tower. 

There has been discussion that the new student residence towers will accommodate 690-beds that would be built on a 1.5-acre site at Piedmont and John Wesley Dobbs Avenue. Currently, there is a gas station along with a building on this spot. These buildings have been in this area for years. However, they will soon be removed to begin the construction of the dorms. 

There have been different discussions about how the dorms will be shaped. This has created a public sense of expectation for the upscale dorms. It has been stated that the dorms constructed in Downtown Atlanta will not be like any other university accommodation that has been seen before. 

Over the years, the production of student housing has transformed the university accommodation landscape. These Dorms are now well constructed with a broad range of amenities. 

It is safe to say that the newly built dorms will be a complete contrast to the dorms that are currently available and considered as standard campus accommodations. Although the construction of the dorms is set to begin later this year, they will not be in use for students until the school year of 2019. This may seem like a long time to wait for the new dorms to be available, however, if construction goes well, they may be available far sooner than initially planned.

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