Incentives are being offered to open the I85 swiftly

Posted by Louise Scoggins on Friday, May 5th, 2017 at 3:41pm.

Incentives are being offered to open the I85 swiftly

I-85 Bridge CollapseAn important section of Interstate 85 has collapsed after a major fire. This intersection, in particular, is a major north-south auxiliary for the Southeast of Georgia. Therefore, its collapse has caused a serious transportation crisis. The collapse of I85 has caused all five lanes of the highway in each direction to be closed until further notice. This has led to an estimated 250,000 vehicles having to find new routes for their daily commute. The Mayor is looking to resolve this issue as soon as possible because it is causing the state and its resident’s major inconvenience.

Consequently, the Georgia Department of Transportation Commissioner: Russell McMurry, has announced that the state is offering a large incentive of $3.1 million dollars to its contractors to finish the project as soon as possible. It has been announced that the contractor: C.W Mathews can earn an extra $1.5 million if the project is completed by May 25th. This would mean that the project would need to be completed three weeks earlier than the original target date of June 15th which was considered the initial completion date.

If the project is completed as early as May 21st, the contractor could earn $2 million and $200,000 for each day completed before that date up to a total of $3.1 million. Although the project is a lengthy one and will take a lot of work, the state is hoping the contractor will be able to finish as quickly as possible which explains why the incentive is so high.

The Department of Transportation Commissioner: Russell McMurry has stated that for the contractor to be able to cash in on the entire incentive package, the conditions would need to be perfect and that would include the weather. Many contractual projects in the city have been delayed because of weather issues. However, the incentive package has been set high to reflect that the state is very serious about getting the road open again so the residents can get back to their original form and routes of transportation.

The state is ultimately seeking to build the bridge as quickly and efficiently as possible as many residents have found difficulty in their daily commute since the collapse. The bridge being inoperative is also costing the state additional money. Therefore, the incentive was created to help move the project forward as quickly as possible. If the contractor can finish the project early, the bridge should be up and running in no time.

McMurry has toured the site of the bridge collapse to see the damage and to offer an estimate of what the cost might be. However, the commissioner has said that the total cost of rebuilding the bridge remains “dynamic,” and can offer no exact price tag. Nonetheless, the price to repair the bridge is estimated to be a hefty one. Regardless of the cost, the federal government is expected to pay most of it.

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